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The XRS family is a new Australian made radio platform designed to be smart, adaptable and rugged. A new era in UHF CB Radio is here.


  • OLED vs LCD
  • 2 Watt internal speaker
  • Programmable buttons
  • Bluetooth Technology
  • Firmware Updates
  • XRS Location Services




GME XRS UHF radio range all come with OLED screens, and what makes OLED screens more superior than LCD screens?

You may have seen how the TV industry has heavily promoted OLED screens and there is a reason for this.

Not only do OLED screens require less power, but the OLED screen used in the GME XRS radios have an antiglare effect when the sun hits the screen, you can also keep your polarized sun glasses on and still see the screen without the letters/numbers disappearing.


The XRS range comes with a more refined and improved internal speaker in the handpiece, it punches out at a 2 watt sound, for some of you, you might say, so what right? But UHF radios out on the market only range between 0.5 – 1 watt output speaker performance.

Add the mix of heavy machinery and you will absolutely notice the difference, diesel engine?

GME XRS range comes with 31 levels of sound volume, and trust us when it’s at volume 20 we get a fright when we aren’t expecting to hear anyone (you know when you forget that the UHF radio is turned on? yeah those kind of moments!)

Programmable Buttons 

This is one of those features you look at and say… why?

Well, we will tell you why…

Programmable buttons allow you to have more control over your UHF radio, you can program shortcuts into your XRS radio.

Below is a list of what you can program the buttons to do on your XRS radio:


GME XRS UHF Radio Handset Features


XRS Button PressDisplay DimDims the display and keypad backlight.
XRS Button HoldCB Scan MemoryCycles through the three scan memories.
Top button HoldQuiet MemoryStores channels in the SelCall Quiet memory.
 Quiet ModeToggles SelCall Quiet mode between on or off.
 ScramblerEnables or disables the scrambler option.
 Squelch LevelAdjusts the preset squelch level in steps from 1 to 9.
 ZonesDisplays the Zone list menu for quick zone selection.
 Voice PlaybackPlays back recorded transmissions.
 Active MuteMutes/reduces the volume of the radio/unmutes the radio, based on how the Active Mute feature is set.
 Dual WatchAllows you to monitor a selected channel and the Priority Channel simultaneously.
 SelCall ResendAutomatically resends to the last Selcall ID you sent.
Top button pressCycle Scan ChannelCycles through the channels stored in the current scan memory.
 SelCall Call functionProvides the standard Call button functions i.e. Press to enter SelCall entry menu Hold to send last SelCall.
 Voice PlaybackPlays back recorded transmissions.
 Active MuteMutes/reduces the volume of the radio/unmutes the radio, based on how the Active Mute feature is set.
 Dual WatchAllows you to monitor a selected channel and the Priority channel simultaneously.


Bluetooth Technology 

Can I make phone calls from my GME XRS radio? In short no

So what is the Bluetooth Technology about?

The Bluetooth technology has been installed into the XRS radio so that it can deliver Firmware updates and allow the XRS radio to have location services.

Firmware Update

What is a firmware update?

When the GME XRS radio was first introduced to the market it never came with a replay function, what is a replay function? When you hear a transmission, you are able to replay the transmission again and again so you can understand what was said if you missed what was said by the person saying it.

GME got a lot of feedback from the market place and was encouraged to add this feature for the consumers who already owned an XRS radio.

GME achieved this by simply sending out a firmware update, which is pretty cool. All you need to do when there is a firmware update, is connect your mobile phone, ipad, tablet device with the XRS app, hit update, and the radio will get updated firmware which allows it to have extra features.

XRS Location Services 

Huh? So GME is trying to be the next Facebook and track all my moves?

No, chill for a second.

Location services has been designed so you can have more fun while out and about!

If you and a friend are in separate vehicles and both have XRS radios, you will be able to set up location services.

What does that look like?

Say your mate is about 5kms away from you, and because they have bogged themselves and are stuck, you can just jump on and find them through location services. Saving you from awkward moments trying to explain that you are 3 trees back, around the left of the Y junction and the 3rd Rock in. (like who understands that?)

To view the XRS product range, click here


GME XRS UHF Radio Smartphone App

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