REDARC alarms give you peace of mind against mishaps and mistakes.

Their handbrake alarm simultaneously monitors the handbrake and the door latch so that if you exit the vehicle without putting on the handbrake it will provide an audible alarm.

This feature is handy in any vehicle, but particularly on construction sites or mine sites, where hilly terrain can send an un-braked vehicle hurtling towards destruction of property. Have you ever forgotten to put the park brake on?

To keep your vehicles maintained properly, the REDARC coolant alarm will also provide a visual and audible alert when the probe detects your coolant has fallen below a chosen level.

All of the REDARC alarms are easy to install and come with wiring diagrams as a guide.

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How does REDARC low coolant alarm work?

The LCA1224 low coolant alarm works in 12V or 24V systems. It monitors the coolant level via a probe. When the coolant falls below a chosen level it provides a visual and audible alarm.

This may happen for instance when a radiator hose bursts for example. The alarm allows the operator to turn off the vehicle and stop the engine before any damage occurs due to overheating.

Where can I find the REDARC handbrake alarm wiring diagram?

All of the REDARC manuals can be found on our site in the DIY section under “Manuals & Instructions”.