A REDARC AC DC charger is a smart investment into the long term health of your vehicle’s battery. These intelligent ac chargers are really simple to use and use mains power to help extend your battery life and keep it always fully charged.

The REDARC Smart Battery Chargers are the epitome of battery charging simplicity. Simply connect the charging clips to the battery, the power plug to a mains socket, press the on button and away she goes.

When completed charging, the cables conveniently winds up around the unit in it’s storage groove.

This REDARC AC DC charger is compatible with most batteries, including lead acid and AGM batteries.

They come in a range of amperage variants from 4A to 10A. The units automatically adjust to suit your batteries’ voltage and won’t overcharge.

They are suitable for use in any caravan, car, 4WD or boat.

If you need an in-vehicle charging solution, be sure to check out the REDARC DC-DC charger range.

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What REDARC battery charger do I need?

To charge you vehicles battery from mains power you need an AC to DC battery charger. For in-vehicle dual battery systems or charging from solar power, you need a DC to DC battery charger.

It is important to look at the maximum charger current specification on your battery and choose the correct charge for the job.

How does AC recharge DC battery?

An AC DC battery charger works by using a combination of rectifiers, diodes, resistors and zener diodes to allow a DC battery to be charged from an AC power source. The Zener diode stops the current flow when the battery has been charged to a certain voltage, preventing overcharging.

Can you charge a DC battery with AC?

Yes, if you use an AC to DC battery charger, such as the REDARC SmartCharge battery chargers.

What's better AC or DC?

DC is more efficient than AC power and has lower loss during transmission.