The REDARC battery managements systems are state of the art battery charging solutions, giving you the ultimate in charging flexibility. The Manager30 is a popular battery management system that allows charging from wall AC power, in vehicle DC to DC power, as well as solar inputs.

So no matter whether you are at a powered camp site, on the road, our out bush, a REDARC battery management system will ensure you have all of the power you need at all times.

They also keep your battery safe, making sure they are not overcharged or allowed to overheat.

Monitoring your battery bank has never been easier with either the standard battery monitor or the deluxe RedVision display. RedVision is great for monitoring your battery’s condition in real time. It’s also accessible via an app on your smartphone.

REDARC the Manager30 is compatible with all main battery types including Lithium (LiFePO4), AGM, Calcium, Gel and Led Acid batteries.

A battery management system is essential for lithium batteries to prevent overcharging and to maintain them within their optimal temperature window. Otherwise these batteries can easily fail.

With all of that power, now you can afford to take all of life’s modern luxuries with you out on the road.

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