You won’t believe how good a CommandGO electronic throttle controller is until you install it in your vehicle and take it for a test drive. It can summarised as more power, faster. It does this by reducing throttle lag and increasing vehicle responsiveness.

With 8 different modes, from elite to economy, there is a mode on the Command Go for everyone and for every occasion. One touch M button allows for instant ELITE mode perfect for overtaking.

A CommandGO electronic throttle controller isn’t just for cars on their own, its also beneficial when towing.

Going on a leisurely drive? Switch to ECO mode for better fuel economy.

Simple to install, its as plug and play as you can get. It also includes and anti-theft option.

A superior product at almost half the price of some competitor brands. From the market leaders in ECU cruise controls for more than 30 years. Give one a try today, you won’t regret it!

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