Toyota Prado Becomes A Second Sun

stedi lighting toyota prado installation

Warning: you might need sunglasses on to even look at this one. We kitted out this Toyota Prado recently with some of the best new LED lighting gear from STEDI.


The following is the gear we kitted out this Prado with:


Aside from the mass of lighting up front, the addition of the two STEDI C-4 Cube Flood Lights and two ST3520 7.3″ rear work lights on this install gives great rear visibility as well.

The C-4 cube lights gives a homogeneous flood of light that is smooth and wide in its distribution.

Included with the C-4 are 3 filter covers:

  1. Blue: cuts down on glare in reflective environments
  2. Yellow: cuts through fog and dust
  3. Translucent black: instant street cred

Check out the photos!

We think it turned out alright!

What do you think? Let us know your thoughts about our install in the comments down below. If you’ve used any of these products, we’d also love to here from you.

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