Light Bars for All

stedi number plat bracket installation

You don’t need a bull bar or roof rack to benefit from a high power LED light bar. Why not fit one to your number plate using the STEDI number plate bracket? Just like we did with this Ford Mondeo.


The following is the gear we used:


The great part about the STEDI number plate light bar bracket is that it can be used to add light to any car make or model. No longer are high powered lighting options only reserved for the 4×4’s and off-roaders.

Give your high beams the extra boost they need.

The number plate bracket is sleek and neat, giving it that OEM look that blends in perfectly with your vehicle.

Check out the photos!

We think it turned out alright!

What do you think? Let us know your thoughts about our install in the comments down below. If you’ve used any of these products, we’d also love to here from you.

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